Floormat on the driver's side

Whenever you are using a floormat, make sure there is enough clearance and that the floormat is securely fastened.
The floormat should always be securely fastened using the fastening equipment.
Before driving off, check that the floormat is securely in place and adjust it if necessary. A loose floormat could slip and hinder proper functioning of the pedals.
Do not place several floormats on top of each other as this may impair pedal movement.

Slide the seat backwards.

To install: place the Slide the seat backwards.
floormat in the To install: place the floormat in the footwell.
To remove: pull the floormat Press studs 1 onto retainers 2.
off To remove: pull the floormat off retainers 2.
Maintenance and care Remove the floormat.

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