Warning displays

The warning displays show the distance between the sensors and the obstacle. The warning display for the front area is in the instrument cluster. The warning display for the rear area is located on the headliner in the rear compartment.

Warning display for the front area
Warning display for the front area

1 Segments on the left-hand side of the vehicle
2 Segments on the right-hand side of the vehicle
3 Segments showing operational readiness

The warning display for each side of the vehicle is divided into five yellow and two red segments. PARKTRONIC is operational if yellow segments showing operational readiness 3 light up.

The selected transmission position determines which warning display is active when the engine is running.

One or more segments light up as the vehicle

One or more segments light up as the vehicle approaches an obstacle, depending on the vehicle's distance from the obstacle.

When the first red segment lights up, you hear an intermittent warning for about two seconds. From the second red segment, you hear a continuous warning. This indicates that you have now reached the minimum distance.

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