Important safety notes

In addition to the illumination provided by the normal headlamps, Night View Assist Plus uses infrared light to illuminate the road. The Night View Assist Plus camera picks up the infrared light and shows a black-and-white image in the multifunction display. The image shown in the multifunction display corresponds to a road lit up by high-beam headlamps. This enables you to see the road's course and any obstacles in good time. If pedestrian recognition is activated, pedestrians recognized by the system are highlighted in the Night View Assist Plus display.

Night View Assist Plus is only an aid designed to assist driving. It is not a substitute for attentive driving. Do not rely solely on the Night View Assist Plus display. Continue to look through the windshield. You are responsible for safety and must drive in accordance with traffic conditions. You could otherwise put yourself and others in danger.
The system may be impaired or unavailable if:
Х there is poor visibility, e.g. due to snow, rain, fog or heavy spray.
Х the windshield is dirty, fogged up or covered, for instance by a sticker, in the vicinity of the camera.
Х you are driving on bends, uphill gradients or downhill gradients.

Light from the headlamps of oncoming vehicles does not affect the Night View Assist Plus display in the multifunction display. This is also the case if you cannot switch on the high-beam headlamps due to oncoming traffic.

The Night View Assist Plus cannot record objects immediately in front of or next to the vehicle. When maneuvering, continue to look through the windshield. Make sure no persons or animals are in the area in which you are maneuvering. You could otherwise injure them.

eye and therefore does not glare. Night Infrared light is not visible to the human eye and therefore does not glare. Night View Assist Plus can therefore remain switched on even if there is oncoming traffic.

1 Night View Assist Plus camera

1 Night View Assist Plus camera

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