Folding the rear seat backrest forward

The left-hand and right-hand rear seat backrests can be folded forwards separately to increase the cargo compartment capacity.

The combined cargo cover and net can remain installed.

! When folding the rear seat backrest forwards, ensure that there are no items lying on the seat cushions. These items could otherwise be damaged or could themselves damage the rear seats.

When you fold one or both parts of the rear seat backrests forwards, the headrests are also lowered if necessary. In the case of vehicles with memory function, the respective front seat is moved forwards slightly to avoid contact with the seat behind it.

Х► Vehicles without memory function: if

Х► Vehicles without memory function: if necessary, move the driver's or frontpassenger seat forwards.

Х► Pull the left-hand or right-hand release handle at the rear in cargo compartment 1 or at the side beside backrests 2.

The corresponding backrest folds forwards.

Х► Move the driver's or front-passenger seat back if necessary.

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