Service messages

Information on the type of service and service intervals (see separate Service Booklet).

You can obtain further information from an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center or at (USA only).

The service interval display informs you of the next service due date.

If a service due date has been exceeded, you also hear an acoustic signal.

The multifunction display shows a service message for a few seconds, e.g.

Next service A due in .. days
Service A due
Service A overdue by ... days

The letter indicates which service is due. A stands for a minor service and B for a major service. A number or another letter may be displayed after the letter. This figure indicates any necessary additional maintenance work to be performed.

You can obtain further information from an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

The service interval display does not take into account any periods of time during which the battery is disconnected.

Maintaining the time-dependent service schedule:
in the multifunction display before  Note down the service due date displayed in the multifunction display before disconnecting the battery.
from the service date shown on the display  Subtract the battery disconnection periods from the service date shown on the display after reconnecting the battery.

does not The service interval display does not provide any information regarding the engine's oil level. Observe the notes on the engine oil level.

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