Checking the oil level using the oil dipstick

Park the vehicle on a level

surface. Park the vehicle on a level surface.
To check the oil level with the engine at normal operating temperature, switch the engine off and wait for approximately five minutes.
dipstick guide Pull oil dipstick 1 out of the dipstick guide tube.
Slowly slide oil dipstick 1 into Wipe off oil dipstick 1.
the guide Slowly slide oil dipstick 1 into the guide tube to the stop, and take it out again.
If the level is between MIN mark 3 and MAX mark 2, the oil level is correct.
mark 3 or If the oil level has sunk to MIN mark 3 or below, add
0.55 to 1.1 US qt(0.5 to 1.0 liter) engine oil.

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