Points to observe before use

The sockets can be used for accessories, e.g.

lamps or mobile phone chargers with a maximum current draw of 180 W (15 A).

If you use the sockets for long periods when the engine is switched off, the battery may discharge.

in the Turn the SmartKey to position 1 in the ignition lock.

that the An emergency cut-out ensures that the on-board voltage does not drop too low. If the on-board voltage is too low, the power to the sockets is automatically cut. This ensures that there is sufficient power to start the engine.

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    Vehicle data, GL 350 BlueTEC
    The data stated here refers specifically to a vehicle with standard equipment. Consult an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center for the data for all vehicle variants and trim levels. ...

    Restoring the factory settings
    - Press the and buttons simultaneously for approximately six seconds until the battery check lamp flashes twice. ...