Interior design in detail: From Economy to First Class

The third generation of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class combines the best of two worlds: the much-coveted SUV not only boasts a strong off-road vehicle heritage, but its passengers also benefit from levels of comfort comparable to those of a premium saloon. Turned aluminium or high-quality wood, finely detailed switches and highlights as well as exciting surfaces and powerful, harmonious lines help to create a high-quality sense of wellbeing in the interior for both the driver and passengers.

The immediately visible design concept of the interior combines an authentic SUV experience with the sense of wellbeing of a high-quality Mercedes-Benz saloon. While an expressive dome shape embodies the power of an SUV, the gently sloping dashboard in the front passenger area affords an outstanding sense of space, thereby highlighting the vehicle's suitability for long journeys.

The evolution of the dashboard in Mercedes-Benz off-road vehicles, from the early days of the G-Class through to today's new M-Class, makes it clear how much aspects of comfort and wellbeing have now come to the fore:

In the G model dating from 1979, square-edged shapes defined the flat dashboard. The angular instrument panel was laid on top of this, while the dashboard console, also angular in shape, and the glove compartment area were hung beneath. As if pieced together from modular sections, the individual elements reflected the clear look of a commercial vehicle. Their simple practicality dispensed with any embellishments, instead giving off an air of rustic charm with a rather metallic-like effect. At the time, this was totally appropriate for an off‑road vehicle.
The dashboard in the first generation M-Class dating from 1998 was also primarily functional in nature, and made only tentative concessions to a design based around comfort. Nevertheless, the first hints of the more comfortable and friendlier interior design to be found in saloons were noticeable. Curves and sweeping lines helped to avoid an impression of austerity. Trim elements were not often incorporated into the sober visual design, however, and functionality continued to dominate.
The design of the instrument panel in the new Mercedes-Benz M-Class is completely on a par with its counterparts found in luxury-class saloons: modern, friendly, equipped with high-quality materials and stylishly designed. At the same time, matching details reflect the superior character of a premium SUV.

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