Folding the seat backrest back

Folding the seat backrest back
Folding the seat backrest back

front-passenger seat Move the driver's or front-passenger seat forward if necessary.

does not Make sure that the seat belt does not become trapped when folding the rear seat backrest back. Otherwise, it could be damaged.

until it Fold rear seat backrest 1 back until it engages.

Always lock the seat backrest in its upright position when the rear seat bench is occupied, or the extended cargo volume is not in use.
Check for secure locking by pushing and pulling on the seat backrest.
In an accident, during hard braking or sudden maneuvers, loose items will be thrown around inside the vehicle. This can cause injury to vehicle occupants unless the items are securely fastened in the vehicle.
To help avoid personal injury during a collision or sudden maneuver, exercise care when transporting cargo.

rear seat You should always engage the rear seat backrests if you do not need the throughloading feature. This will prevent unauthorized access to the trunk from the vehicle interior.

necessary. Adjust the head restraints if necessary.
front-passenger seat Move the driver's or front-passenger seat back if necessary.

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