Stowage compartments in the rear

Stowage compartment in the rear

bodyweight on the Do not sit or lean your bodyweight on the armrests when they are folded out as you could damage them.

compartment before folding the rear seat Close the cover of the stowage compartment before folding the rear seat armrest back into the seat backrest.

To open: fold down seat

armrest 2. To open: fold down seat armrest 2.
upwards. Fold cover 1 of the armrest upwards.

Stowage pockets

Storage bags are intended for storing lightweight items only.
Heavy objects, objects with sharp edges or fragile objects may not be transported in the storage bag. In an accident, during hard braking, or sudden maneuvers, they could be thrown around inside the vehicle and cause injury to vehicle occupants.
Storage bags cannot protect transported goods in the event of an accident.

Storage bags are located in the rear compartment on the driver's and frontpassenger seat backrests.

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