Warning and display messages in the multifunction display


the onboard Activate ATTENTION ASSIST using the onboard computer.
Symbol 1 appears in the multifunction display.

If ATTENTION ASSIST is active, you will be warned no sooner than 20 minutes after your journey has begun. You will then hear an intermittent warning tone twice, and the Attention Assist: Drowsiness Detected message appears in the multifunction display.

Press If necessary, take a break.
to confirm the message. Press On long journeys, take regular breaks in good to confirm the message.

On long journeys, take regular breaks in good time to allow yourself to rest properly. If you do not take a break and ATTENTION ASSIST still detects typical indicators of fatigue or increasing lapses in concentration, you will be warned again after 15 minutes at the earliest.

ATTENTION ASSIST is reset when you continue your journey and starts assessing your tiredness again if:
• you switch off the engine.
• you take off your seat belt and open the driver's door, e.g. for a change of drivers or to take a break.

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