High-performance brake system for AMG vehicles

The high-performance brake system is installed only on the C 63 AMG.

New vehicle brake pads and discs, and replacement brake pads and discs may take several hundred miles of driving until they provide optimum braking efficiency. Until that time, you may need to use increased brake pedal pressure while braking. Please be aware of this and adjust your driving and braking accordingly during this break-in period.
Excessive high-demand braking will cause correspondingly high brake wear. Please be attentive to the brake warning lamp in the instrument cluster and brake condition messages in the multifunction display.
Especially for high performance driving, it is important to maintain and have the brake system checked regularly.

The high-performance brake system is designed for heavy loads. This may lead to noise when braking. This will depend on:
braking force
environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity

The wear of individual components of the brake system, such as the brake pads/linings or brake discs, depends on the individual driving style and operating conditions.

For this reason, it is impossible to state a mileage that will be valid under all circumstances. An aggressive driving style will lead to high wear. You can obtain further information about this from your authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

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