handling Vehicles with the dynamic handling package: if the maximum engine speed for the shift range is reached and you continue to accelerate, the automatic transmission shifts up, except when manual drive program M is selected.

to the right towards D+. Briefly press the selector lever to the right towards D+.
paddle shifter. Pull the right-hand steering wheel paddle shifter.
The automatic transmission shifts up to the next gear.

Vehicles with AMG engines

automatic In manual drive program M, the automatic transmission does not shift up automatically even when the engine limiting speed for the current gear is reached. When the engine limiting speed is reached, the fuel supply is cut to prevent the engine from overrevving. Always make sure that the engine speed does not reach the red area of the tachometer. There is otherwise a risk of engine damage.

Before the engine speed reaches the red area, an upshift indicator appears in the multifunction display.

1 Gear indicator

1 Gear indicator
2 Upshift indicator

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