Transmission positions

Do not shift the transmission into Park position

Do not shift the transmission into position P unless the vehicle is stationary. The parking lock should not be used as a brake when parking. In addition to engaging the parking lock, you must always apply the parking brake to secure the vehicle.
The SmartKey can only be removed if the transmission is in position P.
If the SmartKey is removed from the ignition lock, the selector lever is locked.
If the vehicle electronics are malfunctioning, the selector lever may be locked in position P. To release the selector lever lock, see "Releasing the parking lock manually".

Only shift the transmission to R Reverse gear

Only shift the transmission to R when the vehicle is stationary.

Do not shift the transmission to N Neutral

Do not shift the transmission to N while driving. The transmission could otherwise be damaged.

No power is transmitted from the engine to the drive wheels.

Releasing the brakes will allow you to move the vehicle freely, e.g. to push it or tow it.

If ESP® is deactivated or faulty:

only shift the transmission to position N if the vehicle is in danger of skidding, e.g. on icy roads.

the drive train. Rolling in neutral N can damage the drive train.

The automatic transmission Drive

The automatic transmission changes gear automatically. All forward gears are available.

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