Automatic transmission

It is dangerous to shift the automatic transmission out of parking position P or neutral position N if the engine speed is higher than idle speed. If your foot is not firmly on the brake pedal, the vehicle could accelerate quickly forward or in reverse. You could lose control of the vehicle and hit someone or something. Only shift into gear when the engine is idling normally and when your right foot is firmly on the brake pedal.

transmission It is only possible to shift the transmission from position P to the desired position if you depress the brake pedal. Only then is the selector lever lock released.

it depressed. Depress the brake pedal and keep it depressed.
D or R. Shift the transmission to position D or R.
Release the brake pedal. Release the parking brake.
Carefully depress the accelerator Release the brake pedal.
pedal. Carefully depress the accelerator pedal.

Release Park. Brake message appears If a warning tone sounds and the Release Park. Brake message appears in the multifunction display, the parking brake is still applied. Release the parking brake.

you have The vehicle locks centrally once you have pulled away. The locking knobs in the doors drop down.
You can open the doors from the inside at any time.
You can also deactivate the automatic locking feature.

engine Upshifts take place at higher engine speeds after a cold start. This helps the catalytic converter to reach its operating temperature more quickly.

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