General information

Vehicles with KEYLESS-GO are equipped with a SmartKey featuring an integrated KEYLESSGO function and a detachable Start/Stop button.

The Start/Stop button must be inserted into the ignition lock and the SmartKey must be in the vehicle.

Pressing the Start/Stop button several times in succession corresponds to the different SmartKey positions in the ignition lock. This is only the case if you are not depressing the brake pedal.

If you depress the brake pedal and press the Start/Stop button, the engine starts immediately.

The Start/Stop button can be removed from the ignition lock. Then, you can insert the SmartKey into the ignition lock.

Start/Stop You do not have to remove the Start/Stop button from the ignition lock when you leave the vehicle. However, you should always take the SmartKey with you when leaving the vehicle. The vehicle can be started with the Start/Stop button if the SmartKey is in the vehicle.

1 Start/Stop button

1 Start/Stop button
2 Ignition lock

ignition Insert Start/Stop button 1 into ignition lock 2.

button 1 When you insert Start/Stop button 1 into ignition lock 2, the system requires a detection time of approximately two seconds before you can use Start/Stop button 1.

Start/Stop button
Start/Stop button

3 USA only
4 Canada only

button 1 has not Position 0: if Start/Stop button 1 has not yet been pressed, this corresponds to the SmartKey being removed from the ignition.
button 1. You can now activate the windshield Position 1: press Start/Stop button 1. You can now activate the windshield wipers, for example.

door when in If you then open the driver's door when in this position, the power supply is deactivated.

button 1 twice.  Position 2 (ignition): press Start/Stop button 1 twice.

once If you press Start/Stop button 1 once when in this position and the driver's door is open, the power supply is deactivated again.

As soon as the ignition is switched on, all the indicator lamps in the instrument cluster light up. If an indicator lamp does not go out after the engine is started or if it lights up while the vehicle is in motion.

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