Important safety notes

When operating the climate control, the air that enters the passenger compartment through the air vents can be very hot or very cold (depending on the set temperature). This could cause burns or frostbite to unprotected skin in the immediate area of the air vents.
Always keep sufficient distance between unprotected parts of the body and the air vents. If necessary, use the air distribution adjustment to direct the air to air vents in the vehicle interior that are not in the immediate area of unprotected skin.

In order to ensure the direct flow of fresh air through the air vents into the vehicle interior, please observe the following notes:
• keep the air inlet between the windshield and the hood free of blockages, such as ice, snow or leaves.
• never cover the air vents or air intake grille in the vehicle interior.

ventilation, adjust For virtually draft-free ventilation, adjust the sliders of the air vents to the center position.

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