Important safety notes

Severe conditions (e.g. strong air pollution) may require replacement of the filter before its scheduled replacement interval. A clogged filter will reduce the air volume to the interior and the windows could fog up, impairing visibility and endangering you and others.
Have a blocked filter replaced at a Mercedes- Benz Center as soon as possible.

Follow the recommended settings for heating and cooling given on the following pages.
Otherwise, the windows could fog up, impairing visibility and endangering you and others.

The automatic climate control adjusts the temperature and the humidity of the vehicle interior and filters undesired substances from the air.

The automatic climate control is only operational when the engine is running.

Optimum operation is only achieved if you drive with the side windows and sliding sunroof/panorama roof with power tilt/sliding panel closed.

brief period Ventilate the vehicle for a brief period during warm weather, e.g. using the convenience opening feature.
This will speed up the cooling process and the desired vehicle interior temperature will be reached more quickly.

out most The integrated filter can filter out most particles of dust and completely filters out pollen. A clogged filter reduces the amount of air supplied to the vehicle interior. For this reason, you should always observe the interval for replacing the filter, which is specified in the Service Booklet. As it depends on environmental conditions, e.g. heavy air pollution, the interval may be shorter than stated in the Service Booklet.

heat It is possible that the residual heat function may be activated automatically an hour after the SmartKey is removed. The vehicle is then ventilated for 30 minutes to dry the air-conditioning system.

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