High-beam flasher

SmartKey in the To switch on: turn the SmartKey in the ignition lock to position 1 or 2 or start the engine.
direction Pull the combination switch in the direction of arrow 3.

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    Automatic headlamp mode
    To switch on automatic headlamp mode: turn the light switch to . SmartKey in position 1 in the ignition lock: the parking lamps are switched on or off automatically depending on the brightness ...

    Destination or area of destination reached
    When you reach your destination, COMAND displays a checkered flag and route guidance is automatically ended. For certain points of interest (e.g. airports), the Destination Reached display is s ...

    Tire pressure of 180 kPa (1.8 bar/26 psi) is reached
    ► Press the on/off switch on the tire inflation compressor to 0. The tire inflation compressor is switched off. ► Unscrew the filler hose from the valve of the faulty tire. ...