Correct driver's seat position

Observe the safety guidelines on seat

Observe the safety guidelines on seat adjustment.

seat 3 Check whether you have adjusted seat 3 properly.

Manual and electrical seat adjustment.

Electrical seat adjustment.

When adjusting the seat, make sure:
Х you are as far away from the driver's air bag as possible.
Х you are sitting in a normal upright position.
Х you can fasten the seat belt properly.
Х you have moved the backrest to an almost vertical position.
Х you have set the seat cushion angle so that your thighs are gently supported.
Х you can depress the pedals properly.

is Check whether the head restraint is adjusted properly.
When doing so, make sure that you have adjusted the head restraint so that the back of your head is supported at eye level by the center of the head restraint.

Observe the safety guidelines on steering wheel adjustment.

is Check whether steering wheel 1 is adjusted properly.
Adjusting the steering wheel manually.
Adjusting the steering wheel electrically

When adjusting the steering wheel, make sure:
Х you can hold the steering wheel with your arms slightly bent.
Х you can move your legs freely.
Х you can see all the displays in the instrument cluster clearly.

Observe the safety guidelines for seat belts.

seat Check whether you have fastened seat belt 2 properly.

The seat belt should:
Х fit snugly across your body
Х be routed across the middle of your shoulder
Х be routed in your pelvic area across the hip joints

rear-view Before starting off, adjust the rear-view mirror and the exterior mirrors in such a way that you have a good view of road and traffic conditions.

function: save Vehicles with a memory function: save the seat, steering wheel and exterior mirror settings.

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