Assistants to see and be seen better

The Adaptive High Beam Assist system is now offered as standard equipment on the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class. This camera-based system can recognize oncoming vehicles or vehicles ahead with their lights on, and then softly transitions from high-beam to low beam to create the best possible lighting conditions without dazzling other drivers. In addition, Mercedes-Benz offers the optional Night View Assist PLUS system for the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class, featuring a special infra-red camera for pedestrian detection: pedestrians are now specifically highlighted in the display, to help alert the drivers in low light conditions.

On European models, the images supplied by the windshield-mounted camera are also used by the new, optional Speed Limit Assist (not available in the U.S.), which recognizes speed limit signs in passing and shows the relevant speed limit in the central display and on the navigation system's map display.
For the new-generation CL-Class, Mercedes-Benz has also improved the long and medium-range radar used by Brake Assist (BAS PLUS) and DISTRONIC PLUS proximity cruise control.

An "electronic crumple zone": the PRE-SAFE Brake

Mercedes-Benz offers another radar based system for the luxury coupé as a component of the Driver Assistance Package: PRE-SAFE Brake with automatic emergency braking. If the driver is distracted and fails to recognize the imminent danger of a rear-end collision or the warning signal of an assistance system, PRE-SAFE Brake can intervene and autonomously apply partial braking. If the driver fails to react even after automatic, partial braking action, this new version of PRE-SAFE Brake activates maximum braking pressure around 0.6 seconds before an unavoidable collision - this emergency braking action can significantly mitigate the severity of the impact. The PRE-SAFE Brake thus acts as a kind of "electronic crumple zone".

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