Tire pressure of at least 180 kPa (1.8 bar/26 psi) is not reached

If, after five minutes, a pressure of 180 kPa (1.8 bar/26 psi) has not been achieved:
Ц Switch off the tire inflation compressor.
Ц Unscrew the filler hose from the valve of the faulty tire.
Ц Very slowly drive forwards or reverse approximately 30 ft (10 m).
Ц Pump up the tire again.

If after five minutes a pressure of 180 kPa WARNING
If after five minutes a pressure of 180 kPa (1.8 bar/26 psi) cannot be achieved, the tire is too badly damaged to be repaired reliably using TIREFIT.
In this case TIREFIT cannot seal the tire properly.
Do not drive any further.
Contact the nearest authorized Mercedes- Benz Center for assistance or call Roadside Assistance.

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