Locking and unlocking centrally

The SmartKey centrally locks/unlocks:
Х the doors
Х the trunk lid
Х the fuel filler flap

1  Locks the vehicle

1 2  Unlocks the trunk lid Locks the vehicle
2 3  Unlocks the vehicle Unlocks the trunk lid
3 When unlocking, the turn signals flash once. Unlocks the vehicle

When unlocking, the turn signals flash once.

When locking, they flash three times.

When it is dark, the surround lighting also comes on if it is activated in the on-board computer.

If you activate the acoustic locking confirmation function, you will hear the following, depending on the date of production of the vehicle:
Х an acoustic signal when locking
Х one acoustic signal when unlocking and three when locking.

The audible signal can be activated and deactivated using the on-board computer.

press the To unlock centrally: press the button. button.

If you do not open the vehicle within approximately 40 seconds of unlocking:
Х the vehicle is locked again.
Х the theft deterrent locking system is armed again.

the  button. To lock centrally: press the KEYLESS-GO button.

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