Safety guidelines for seat belts, Emergency Tensioning Devices (ETDs) and air bags

Х Damaged seat belts or seat belts that have been subjected to stress in an accident must be replaced. Their anchoring points must also be checked. Only use seat belts installed or supplied by an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.
Х Air bags and pyrotechnic Emergency Tensioning Devices (ETDs) contain perchlorate material, which may require special handling and regard for the environment. Check your national disposal guidelines. California residents, see
Х Air bags and ETDs are designed to function on a one-time-only basis. An air bag or ETD that has deployed must be replaced.
Х Do not pass seat belts over sharp edges.
They could tear.
Х Do not make any modification that could change the effectiveness of the seat belts.
Х Do not bleach or dye seat belts as this may severely weaken them. In a crash they may not be able to provide adequate protection.
Х No modifications of any kind may be made to any components or wiring of the SRS.
Х Do not change or remove any component or part of the SRS.
Х Do not install additional trim material, seat<>covers, badges, etc. over the steering wheel hub, front-passenger front air bag cover, outer sides of the seat backrests, door trim panels, or door frame trims.
Х Do not install additional electrical/electronic equipment on or near SRS components and wiring.
Х Keep area between air bags and occupants free of objects (e.g. packages, purses, umbrellas, etc.).
Х Do not hang items such as coat hangers from the coat hooks or handles over the door. These items may be thrown around in the vehicle and cause head and other injuries when the window curtain air bag is deployed.
Х Air bag system components will be hot after an air bag has inflated. Do not touch them.
Х Never place your feet on the instrument panel, dashboard, or on the seat. Always keep both feet on the floor in front of the seat.
Х Improper repair work on the SRS creates a risk of rendering the SRS inoperative or causing unintended air bag deployment.
Work on the SRS must therefore only be performed by qualified technicians.
Contact an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.
Х For your protection and the protection of others, when scrapping the air bag unit or ETD, our safety instructions must be followed. These instructions are available from any authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.
Х Given the considerable deployment speed, required inflation volume, and the material of the air bags, there is the possibility of abrasions or other, potentially more serious injuries resulting from air bag deployment.

If you sell your vehicle, Mercedes-Benz strongly recommends that you inform the subsequent owner that the vehicle is equipped with SRS. Also, refer them to the applicable section in the Operator's Manual.

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