Overhead control panel

Overhead control panel
Overhead control panel


1 2  Switches the automatic interior Switches the rear interior lighting on/off
2 lighting control on/off Switches the automatic interior lighting control on/off
3 lamp on/off Switches the righthand reading lamp on/off
4 sunroof Opens/closes the sliding sunroof
power tilt/sliding panel and roller sunblinds Opens/closes the panorama roof with power tilt/sliding panel and roller sunblinds
5 system) Button for MB Info call (mbrace system)
6 7 Rear-view mirror SOS button (mbrace system)
7 Rear-view mirror
8 Integrated electronic compass
9 Buttons for the garage door opener
10 Microphone for mbrace (emergency call system), telephone and the Voice Control System
11 (mbrace system) Roadside Assistance button (mbrace system)
12 lamp on/off Switches the lefthand reading lamp on/off
13 lighting on/off Switches the front interior lighting on/off

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