Trip computer "From start" or "Fromreset"

The values in the From Start submenu refer to the start of your journey, while those in the From Reset submenu refer to the last time you reset this submenu.

Press the steering wheel to select the trip button on the steering wheel to select the trip computer menu.
Press the From Start or From Reset. button to select From Start or From Reset.

Trip computer "From start" (example)

Trip computer "From start" (example)

1 Distance
2 Time
3 Average speed
4 Average fuel consumption

The From Start trip computer is reset automatically when:

Х the ignition has been switched off for more than four hours.
Х 999 hours have been exceeded.
Х 9,999 miles have been exceeded.

When 9,999 hours or 99,999 miles have been exceeded, the trip computer is automatically reset From Reset.

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