1 Steering wheel paddle shifters
2 Cruise control lever
3 Instrument cluster
4 Horn
5 PARKTRONIC warning display (Canada only)
6 Overhead control panel
7 Climate control systems
8 Ignition lock
Start/Stop button
9 Adjusts the steering wheel manually
10 Adjusts the steering wheel electrically
11 Combination switch<> 12 Parking brake
13 On-board diagnostic interface
14 Opens the hood
15 Releases the parking brake
16 Light switch

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    Important notes
    This section provides detailed information on the following topics: Х selecting a channel and program category Х memory functions Х sound settings The satellite radio mode described below ...

    Derestricting the shift range
    Pull the right-hand steering wheel paddle shifter. The shift range is derestricted. ...

    Charging the battery
    WARNING Never charge a battery still installed in the vehicle unless a battery charger unit approved by Mercedes-Benz is being used. Gases may escape during charging and cause explosions tha ...