Limited Warranty

manual Follow the instructions in this manual about the proper operation of your vehicle as well as about possible vehicle damage.

Damage to your vehicle that arises from culpable contraventions against these instructions are not covered either by Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty or by the New or Used-Vehicle Warranty of Daimler AG.

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    Cleaning the seat belts
    Ц Use clean, lukewarm water and soap solution. Do not clean the seat belts using chemical cleaning agents. Do not dry the seat belts by warming them above 176 ∞F (80 ∞C) or placing them ...

    Important safety notes
    Service products include the following: Х fuels (e.g. gasoline, diesel) Х additives for exhaust gas aftertreatment (DEF) Х lubricants (e.g. engine oil, transmission oil) Х coolant Х bra ...

    Call priority
    When service calls are active, e.g. Roadside Assistance or MB Info calls, an emergency call can still be initiated. In this case, an emergency call will take priority and override all other active ...