Notes on care

Regular care of your vehicle is a condition for retaining the quality in the long term. Use care products and cleaning agents recommended and approved by Mercedes- Benz.


Many cleaning products can be hazardous. Some are poisonous, others are flammable. Always follow the instructions on the particular container. Always open your vehicle's doors or windows when cleaning the inside.

Never use fluids or solvents that are not designed for cleaning your vehicle.

Always lock away cleaning products and keep them out of reach of children.

For cleaning your vehicle, do not use any of the following:

  • dry, rough or hard cloths
  • abrasive cleaning agents
  • solvents
  • cleaning agents containing solvents

Do not scrub.

Do not touch the surfaces or protective films with hard objects, e.g. a ring or ice scraper. You could otherwise scratch or damage the surfaces and protective film.

Environmental note

Dispose of empty packaging and cleaning cloths in an environmentally responsible manner.

particularly after having cleaned the wheels with wheel cleaner. Wheel cleaners Do not park the vehicle for an extended period straight after cleaning it, particularly after having cleaned the wheels with wheel cleaner. Wheel cleaners could cause increased corrosion of the brake discs and brake pads/linings. For this reason, you should drive for a few minutes after cleaning. Braking heats the brake discs and the brake pads/linings, thus drying them. The vehicle can then be parked.

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