View through the camera

The area behind the vehicle is displayed in a mirror-inverted manner, as in the rear-view mirror.


The rear view camera is only an aid and may display obstacles

  • from a distorted perspective
  • inaccurately
  • may not display obstacles at all

The rear view camera does not relieve you of the responsibility to be cautious. Take care and pay careful attention. The rear view camera may not show objects which are

  • very close to the rear bumper
  • under the rear bumper
  • above the tailgate handle

You are responsible for safety at all times and must continue to pay attention to the immediate surroundings when parking and maneuvering. This includes the area behind, in front of, and beside the vehicle. Otherwise you could endanger yourself and/or others.


The rear view camera will not function or will not fully function if:

  • the tailgate is open
  • it is raining or snowing strongly or if it is foggy
  • it is night or if you are parking/ maneuvering your vehicle in a very dark area
  • a very bright white light is affecting the camera
  • the immediate vicinity is illuminated with fluorescent light (the display can flicker)
  • temperature changes abruptly, for example if you drive out of the cold into a heated garage (condensation on the lens)
  • the camera lens is dirty or covered
  • the rear of your vehicle is damaged
    In this case, have the position and the setting of the camera checked at a specialist workshop. Mercedes-Benz recommends that you consult a Mercedes- Benz Center for this purpose.
    Do not use the rear view camera in these situations. You could otherwise injure yourself and other people and/or cause damage - including damage to your vehicle - while parking/maneuvering.
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