Parking brake


Engaging the parking brake while the vehicle is in motion can cause the rear wheels to lock up. You could lose control of the vehicle and cause an accident. In addition, the vehicle's brake lights do not light up when the parking brake is engaged.


When leaving the vehicle, always remove the SmartKey from the starter switch, take it with you, and lock the vehicle. Do not leave children unattended in the vehicle, or with access to an unlocked vehicle. Children could release the parking brake and/or shift the automatic transmission out of park position P, either of which could result in an accident and/or serious personal injury.

  • To apply: depress parking brake 2 firmly. When the engine is running, the (Canada only) indicator lamp lights (USA only) or up in the instrument cluster. (Canada only) indicator lamp lights up in the instrument cluster.
  • To release: depress the brake pedal and keep it depressed.
  • Pull release handle 1. When the ignition is switched on or the engine is running, the (Canada only) indicator lamp goes (USA only) or out in the instrument cluster. (Canada only) indicator lamp goes out in the instrument cluster.
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