A strictly utilitarian appearance is softened somewhat by body-colored bumpers, rub strips and rocker panels, as well as alloy wheels and a stainless-steel spare-tire cover. At 183.5 inches long overall, the G-Class is only an inch longer than the M-Class, which measures 182.6 inches long overall. The G500 uses 18-inch tires and rides a 112-inch wheelbase, which is approximately 3 inches narrower than the M-Class. The G500 also stands a half an inch taller than its SUV sibling.

Because this is a serious offroad vehicle, rigid front and rear axles with longitudinal and transverse links to coil springs are installed. The G500 is the only production vehicle with three locking differentials. In extremely low-traction situations, all you need is a little grip on one front wheel and that’s enough to pull you through a trouble spot. The vehicle is also equipped with four-wheel electronic traction control to assist less experienced drivers.

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