Exterior & Styling

Particularly from the rear, the GL's appearance looks a bit like Mercedes' original M-Class Ч so much so that a passenger walked up to an older M thinking it was the GL. The GL550's 21-inch wheels, oversized grille and rubber-studded running boards give it a look similar to that of Mercedes' AMG performance cars Ч perhaps that was the intention, given there is no AMG GL-Class Ч and should secure the car a front-row spot at most valet stands. Lesser models can be dressed to match, albeit with a smaller grille.

Less-expensive GLs have 18- or 19-inch wheels. An optional offroad package raises the air suspension to yield 12 inches of ground clearance, 2 inches higher than a Hummer H2's. The package also includes a two-speed transfer case and locking center and rear differentials.

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