2009 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Review

With a 23-mpg diesel version now available in all 50 states, the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class is a more viable option for SUV-needing families — though the appeal of a $60,000-plus four-wheeler seems limited in today's economy. Even if you are in the market, the GL remains a debatable choice: stylish on the outside and elegant within, but hamstrung by spotty reliability and a drivetrain as indecisive as the North Carolina electorate.

Still, that's more praise than I can give last year's model, whose review serves as the basis for this update; its dated navigation system was onerous to sort through, but it's been vastly improved for 2009. The SUV also gets more high-tech safety features, though they might just be gilding the lily on a model that already had nine standard airbags and an electronic stability system.

Trim levels include the diesel GL320 Bluetec and gasoline GL450 and GL550; click here to compare them or here to compare the whole group to its '08 equivalents. I drove a 2009 GL320 Bluetec, and I've also driven a 2008 GL550.

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