2008 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Review

Last year, Mercedes-Benz introduced the seven-seat GL-Class, an SUV that will inevitably find its way into the sort of neighborhoods where one Banana Republic just isn't enough. For 2008, Mercedes has added a rip-roaring GL550, whose steep price tag moves the lineup (which also includes the GL450 and diesel GL320 CDI) into Range Rover territory.

I spent a week ripping and roaring in a GL550, and my conclusions are mixed. The SUV's inconsistent acceleration obstructs an otherwise impressive driving experience, and issues with visibility and control usability sour the well-tailored cabin. Most troubling, though, is the GL's poor reliability record, which is tempered only by the fact that its competitors don't fare much better. The Benz has enough strengths that it might prove a worthy family-hauler, but be sure to consider its limitations before you buy.

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