Full-Size SUVs Aren't What They Used to Be

If it's been a few years since you've driven a full-size SUV, you'll probably be surprised by how far this vehicle class has come in terms of ride comfort and handling poise. A decade ago, full-size SUVs had imprecise steering and poorly controlled body motions. Many of these flaws have been engineered out of today's models, and the GL-Class shows how good things can be.

The GL350 is a very comfortable highway cruiser, and credit goes in part to the standard Airmatic height-adjustable air suspension. The big SUV floats softly over big dips in the road, and while you do feel it when it hits a bump or pothole, the impact is damped to the point that it doesn't disturb you or your passengers.

The GL-Class also gives you a high driving position and great forward visibility Ч something that's a supremely important factor for some shoppers.

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