4MATIC (permanent four-wheel drive)

4MATIC ensures that all four wheels are permanently driven. Together with ESPЃ, it improves the traction of your vehicle whenever a drive wheel spins due to insufficient grip.

If a drive wheel is spinning due to insufficient traction:
Х While driving off, apply as little throttle as possible.
Х While driving, ease up on the accelerator pedal.
Х Adapt your speed and driving style to the prevailing road conditions.
Failure to observe these guidelines could cause the vehicle to skid.
The 4MATIC cannot prevent accidents resulting from excessive speed.

raised. This may damage the transfer case. Never tow the vehicle with one axle raised. This may damage the transfer case.
Damage of this sort is not covered by the Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty. All wheels must remain either on the ground or be fully raised. Observe the instructions for towing the vehicle with all wheels in full contact with the ground.

effect of 4MATIC can only be achieved if In wintry driving conditions, the maximum effect of 4MATIC can only be achieved if you use winter tires (M+S tires), with snow chains if necessary.

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