The simplistic but perfectly usable space inside the GLK350 quietly and confidently transported me with my children in tow. It was equally intrepid during a rare single mom's night on the town.

During my mom-time, the GLK's expandable pockets on the seatbacks swallowed anything and everything my kids threw at them: books, toys and shoes alike (oh no, it might be genetic). The kids also appreciated the fold-down center armrest in the middle of the backseat that had two perfectly reachable cupholders, as well as a little storage cubby for more stuff (just what I was hoping for - more stuff). The expansive rear cargo area easily carried the shocking amounts of luggage required for my younger daughter's first sleepover away from home. The rear seats fold flat (in a 60/40 split) just in case more luggage is required.

Despite my girls' booster seats settling nicely into the backseat, the slightly recessed seat belt receptors made it tough for them to buckle in. Because I refused to revert back to the days of doing everything for them, I turned on some groovy tunes and just waited for them to buckle up. Eventually they got it.

Parents installing child-safety seats with the Latch connectors might find their patience tested (especially if they're sleep-deprived parents) when installing car seats. The Latch connectors were wedged pretty tightly into the seat, which made them nearly inaccessible.

With the kids safely transported to their dad's house for the weekend, I removed the booster seats, vacuumed out more than a few crumbs, slipped on some sexy shoes - natch - and drove myself to a date in the city. I opened up the expansive dual moonroof shades (after accidentally pushing the Tele Aid button and getting the kind Richard, a response specialist, over the speaker asking me what he could do to help), and enjoyed the ambience.

The best part was the great feeling I had driving my date around in this Benz (it was necessary once I saw the state of his car).


Storage Compartments (Puny, Fair, Ample, Galore): Fair

Cargo/Trunk Space (Puny, Fair, Ample, Galore): Ample

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