Exterior & Styling

A number of the GLK350's competitors, like the XC60 and Infiniti EX35, have sleek exterior styling that favors smooth lines over right angles. The Mercedes, meanwhile, maintains the traditional upright shape of an SUV; it looks a little bit like a shrunken version of the automaker's larger GL-Class. It wears this look rather well, with enough design cues in the sheet metal to keep things interesting.

The optional Appearance Package changes the look of the GLK350 by adding aluminum roof rails and 20-inch alloy wheels. Also available are aluminum running boards that add $660 to the price tag. They don't look like traditional running boards, but are more similar to the side sill extensions on the BMW X5. Like the X5's side sills, they'll dirty your pant legs when stepping in or out if you're not careful. They're not necessary, because it's easy to step in and out of the Mercedes without using them.

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