De-authorizing (de-registering) a Bluetooth device

Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC recommends deauthorization in both COMAND and the Bluetooth device, e.g. the mobile phone.

Subsequent authorization may otherwise fail.

authorized device by turning  the In the Bluetooth device list, select the authorized device by turning COMAND controller. the COMAND controller.

the Select Options by sliding the the COMAND controller and press confirm. to confirm.

to Select De-authorize and press confirm. to confirm.

A prompt appears asking whether you really wish to de-authorize this device.

confirm. Select Yes or No and press confirm. to confirm.

If you select Yes, the authorization for the device will be revoked.

If you select No, the process will be aborted.

and is out of range, when a new If a Bluetooth device has been deauthorized and is out of range, when a new search is carried out it will not appear in the Bluetooth device list.

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