The CL's standard equipment list is long. Our test car came with a number of option packages; here are some of the highlights:

For starters, the blind spot monitors are included in a package that also gives you adaptive cruise control, which maintains a set following distance from the car in front of you, even if it slows. With that package, you also get lane-keeping assist, which thrums the steering wheel if you go over a lane marker without signaling. I tried it out, and it works obtrusively enough to alert you that you've strayed, but not so harshly that you think you've broken something and/or are about to die.

A Premium Package includes massaging front seats. They're nice, work as advertised and can be set to Active mode, meaning the same bolsters that massage you can inflate to hold you in your seat better when you make a turn, then deflate when you hit the straightaway. I skipped the Active setting and snugged the bolsters up to my body just for driving around; it felt more natural and comfortable than having the seat suddenly start pushing on me.

The Premium Package also includes Night View Assist PLUS, which uses invisible infrared headlights to display a view of the road on the screen where the speedometer usually appears. It's a good idea, but not necessary in the city, where there's plenty of ambient light to begin with. Perhaps if I lived in the country it would have impressed me more.

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