Precise wheel location: the front axle with McPherson struts

At the front axle a three-link construction with McPherson struts is used. The lower link level consists of two separate elements which act as torque and cross struts and which are both forged from aluminium. In addition to more precise wheel location, this construction has the particular advantage of compensating vibrations caused by tyre imbalances or fluctuating brake forces better than rigid wishbones.

The third component in the three-link system is the track rod, which connects the transversely installed steering gear with the wheels. The reinforced stabiliser is linked to the spring strut, which is also actively involved in front wheel location.

The struts consist of cylindrical, lateral force compensated coil springs, twin-tube shock absorbers and newly developed three-phase head bearings. If severe body roll occurs, the stabiliser is supported by rebound buffer springs to ensure agile handling accompanied by a high level of comfort.

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