E350 In the Market

As I've said, the E350 is among the finest luxury cars I've driven. Loaded with all the options, it stickers for $51,100 so it better be. Still, I don't mind paying for quality, and if something is among the very best, that's what you have to pay.

Where I think things get interesting is deciding whether you spring for the E350 or the E550. If you go the E350 route, you'll save some money and get a very nice car that's acceptably quick. Or you could dig deeper into your wallet for the E550 and get all that comfort along with exceptional performance. Some may take a look at the Mercedes' price, compare it to an American or Asian luxury car and say, "Whoa, now, why not go for a cheaper Lexus (or Lincoln, or Cadillac)?" To me, those cars are just fundamentally different from the Mercedes, BMWs and Audis of the world. Those non-German cars have fine qualities — all have excellent interiors, for instance — but to me, the German cars feel heavier (in a good way) and more secure, and I find the ride more to my liking. The E350 is no exception. If I had the money, it's what I'd go for.

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