There are several ways to deactivate

There are several ways to deactivate DISTRONIC PLUS:

► Briefly press the cruise control lever forwards 1.
Brake, unless the vehicle is stationary.

When you deactivate DISTRONIC PLUS, the DISTRONIC PLUS Off message is shown in the multifunction display for approximately five seconds.

The last speed stored remains stored until you switch off the engine.

DISTRONIC PLUS is not deactivated if you depress the accelerator pedal. If you accelerate to overtake, DISTRONIC PLUS adjusts the vehicle's speed to the last speed stored after you have finished overtaking.

DISTRONIC PLUS is automatically deactivated if:

 - you apply the parking brake.
 - you are driving slower than
15 mph (25 km/h) and there is no vehicle in front, or if the vehicle in front is no longer detected.
 - ESP intervenes or you deactivate ESP.
 - the transmission is in the P, R or N position.
 - you switch off the radar sensor system.
 - you pull the cruise control lever towards

you in order to pull away and the frontpassenger door or one of the rear doors is open.

 - the vehicle has skidded.

If DISTRONIC PLUS is deactivated, you will hear a warning tone. The DISTRONIC PLUS Off message is shown in the multifunction display for approximately five seconds.

The DISTRONIC PLUS switches off and releases the brakes when the vehicle decelerates below the minimum speed of 20 mph (30 km/h) by operation of the system unless the DISTRONIC PLUS detects a vehicle directly ahead of you. At that time the driver must apply the brakes in order to reduce vehicle speed further or bring it to a stop.

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