Engaging park position P

Х► Push the DIRECT SELECT lever in the direction of arrow P.

The automatic transmission shifts automatically into park position P if you open the driver's door when the vehicle is stationary or driving at very low speed, and the transmission is in position D or R. This function depends on the date of manufacture of your vehicle.

If the engine speed is too high or the vehicle is moving, do not shift the automatic transmission directly from D to R, from R to D or directly to P. The automatic transmission could otherwise be damaged.

HOLD function or DISTRONIC PLUS: the automatic transmission automatically switches to transmission position P if the vehicle is braked by the HOLD function or DISTRONIC PLUS. In addition, at least one of the following conditions must be fulfilled:

 - the engine is switched off.
 - the driver's door is open and the seat belt is not in the buckle.

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