Control panel for 3-zone automatic climate control

Canada only

Canada only

Front control panel

1. To set climate control to automatic
2. To defrost the windshield
3. To switch the ZONE function on/off
4. Display
5. To activate/deactivate air-recirculation mode
6. To activate/deactivate the residual heat function
7. To activate/deactivate cooling with air dehumidification
8. To switch the rear window defroster on/off
9. To switch climate control on/off
10. To set the temperature, right
11. To set climate control to automatic (FOCUS/MEDIUM/DIFFUSE)
12. To set the airflow
13. To set the air distribution
14. To set the temperature, left

Rear control panel

15. To increase the temperature
16. Display
17. To increase the airflow
18. To reduce the airflow
19. To reduce the temperature

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