Important safety notes

The EASY-ENTRY/EXIT feature makes getting in and out of your vehicle easier.

You can activate and deactivate the EASYENTRY/ EXIT feature in the on-board computer

You must make sure no one can become trapped or injured by the moving steering wheel when the easy-entry/exit feature is activated.

To stop steering wheel movement, move steering wheel adjustment stalk or press the memory position switch.

Do not leave children unattended in the vehicle, or with access to an unlocked vehicle.

Children could open the driver's door and unintentionally activate the easy-entry/exit feature, which could result in an accident and/or serious personal injury. G WARNING
Let the system complete the adjustment procedure before setting the vehicle in motion. All steering wheel adjustment must be completed before setting the vehicle in motion. Driving off with the steering wheel still adjusting could cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

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