In case the worst happens: Daimler trains the fire services

Like the Mercedes-Benz R-Class, all automobiles from Mercedes-Benz are among the world's safest. This high protection potential is the result of Daimler AG's comprehensive approach. Of course, however, protective measures reach their limits if the parameters make control intervention more difficult and - in the case of very serious accidents - if access to and recovery of the occupants is sometimes no longer possible via the vehicle doors.

Even in these extreme circumstances, where the focus is on "patient-compatible recovery", the company follows its comprehensive safety philosophy and assists the emergency services with their work. This is because the effectiveness of post-accident assistance, where emergency doctors, paramedics and the fire services work together to recover the occupants as rapidly and carefully as possible, depends absolutely on preparation. To this end, Daimler AG offers the fire services practical training events during which they can learn and apply a wide variety of recovery techniques using the latest models. In addition, Daimler provides detailed recovery guidelines and so-called 'rescue cards' online. These are in accordance with the standards set by the VDA workgroup, and show recovery techniques specific to the different model series.

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