Important safety notes

The folding bench seat in the cargo compartment is only approved for people with a height no greater than 4.6 ft(1.40 m) and max. 110 lb(50 kg) body weight.

The maximum permissible weight available for passengers may be reduced by extensive optional extras and the vehicle load. Observe the maximum gross vehicle weight and the gross axle weight rating, which can be found on the vehicle identification plate.

The combined cargo cover and net must be installed if you are using the folding bench seat

The rear seat backrests must be locked in the upright position if you are using the folding bench seat in the cargo compartment.

Do not pull away unless the head restraint in the folding bench seat is installed correctly.

Make sure that the center of the head restraint supports the seat occupant's head at about eye level. This can reduce the risk of injury to a child in the event of an accident. Ensure that the seat belt is routed correctly across the body and the seat belt buckle is engaged.

Never leave children unsupervised in the vehicle. This applies even if they are secured in a child restraint system.

Secure children as recommended; see the "Children in the vehicle" section.

Only replace damaged covers with genuine covers.

Make sure that items of luggage and other objects in the cargo compartment are well secured.

Otherwise, the load could cause injury in the event of sharp braking, a sudden change in direction or an accident.

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