The electronic guardian angel: PRE-SAFE has a preventive effect

Occupant protection in the new Mercedes-Benz R-Class begins well before an accident. The Mercedes-Benz invention PRE-SAFE is able to activate preventive measures reflexively when it recognises the danger of an accident, so that the belts and airbags can protect the occupants to best effect during the collision. This multiple award-winning technology is standard equipment.

PRE-SAFE uses a synergy of active and passive safety: it is networked with Brake Assist (BAS) and the Electronic Stability Program ESP, whose sensors can recognise potentially critical handling situations and send corresponding information to the electronic control units within milliseconds. These sensor data are also used for preventive occupant protection by PRE-SAFE. The PRE-SAFE protective measures are reversible: if the accident is avoided, the preventive belt tensioning is relaxed automatically, and the passengers can return the seats and sliding sunroof to their original positions. The preventive occupant protection is then immediately ready for use again.

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